Camelman Dreaming

Australia's Last Great Camel Expedition

13 years to prepare for the 2 year walk across some of Australia's harshest deserts to reach the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

Camelman Dreaming is more than a travel log. It raises topics which we all have to face on our planet today.

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Tracks, Camel Trekking and the Freedom It Offers!

Posted by Russell Osborne on February 12, 2014 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (4)

Extract From the book :

Camelman Dreaming.

Australia's Last Great Camel Expedition.

"The uniqueness of the past seven months had been mind blowing. Nothing could compare to what we have experienced!

A friend of mine, Kamahl, the documentary maker who focuses upon camel culture around the world once asked me what it was that I liked about camel trekking. I answered "FREEDOM". The type of freedom, with the ability to see country that others cannot go to, even with the latest and greatest of four wheel drives. Camel trekking allows you to travel with wonderful animals carrying your supplies and the option to camp in some of the most beautiful scenery this country has to offer. Places where native plants rule invasive species of pastoral grasses such as buffel grass, which is slowly taking over the arid zone.

Pg 140, Camelman Dreaming

Keynote Speaker Russell Osborne (Turning Conversations Into Action)

Posted by Russell Osborne on February 11, 2014 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Russell Osborne

Keynote Speaker


Next Speaking Engagement:


Rotary District 9520


20th-23rd March, 2014

Warrnambool, Vic.


Topic: Turning Conversations Into Action



Fellow Keynote Speakers at the conference:


Mark Scott AO, Angela Goode, Dr Daniel Lerodiaconou, Prof David David AC, Dr Jean-Jacques Decoster, Mrs Guna Fernandez CBM, John RRothwell, Mr d'Arcy Lunn, Sean Smith, Dr Cristian Birzer, Assoc Prof Felice Jacka.

Program Information


The program below is well advanced and will be continually updated.


Currently the speakers are scheduled as shown, however there may be changes beyond our control.

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12.00pm Registration opens at the Lighthouse Theatre


5.30pm Mayoral welcome at Lighthouse Theatre





9.00am First Plenary Session at Lighthouse Theatre

Mark Scott AO



10.30am Morning Tea


11.00am Second Plenary Session at Lighthouse Theatre

Angela Goode

Dr Daniel Ierodiaconou

Prof David David AC


6.30pm Optional Dinner and Lightshow at Warrnambool Bowling Club




7.00am Optional IR Breakfast at Deakin City Venue

Dr Jean-Jacques Decoster


9.00am Third Plenary Session at Lighthouse Theatre

Mrs Guna Fernandez


10.30am Morning Tea


11.00am Fourth Plenary Session at Lighthouse Theatre

John Rothwell

Russell Osbourne

Dr Jean-Jacques Decoster


Gala Dinner at Deakin University





9.00am Fifth Plenary Session at Lighthouse Theatre

Mr d'Arcy Lunn

Sean Smith


10.30am Morning Tea


11.00am Sixth Plenary Session at Lighthouse Theatre

Dr Cristian Birzer

Assoc Prof Felice Jacka


1.00pm Optional Farewell Lunch at Lighthouse Theatre

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Baci Becomes Gravely sick.

Posted by Russell Osborne on February 6, 2014 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (1)

Extract from the book Camelman Dreaming:


We started to load the camels for today’s walk when Baci gave out a groan and lay down on his side. He was in obvious pain and was suffering from breathing problems. My heart sank below the surface of the earth as I examined his condition.

We were prepared for a variety of conditions that camels can suffer from and had in our possession an extensive Vet Kit as a part of our supplies. I gave Baci an injection of antibiotics and we let the rest of the camels hobbled out to feed.

- From Camelman Dreaming.

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Camel Treks

Posted by Russell Osborne on December 4, 2013 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Camel Treks in Australia are a fantastic way to become a part of the landscape as well as having a fantastic, once in a lifetime experience.

The camel trek described in the book Camelman Dreaming is not something everyone would consider doing during their lives. Driven by unwavered determination, adventure author, camel man and explorer, Russell Osborne, had created a camel expedition that was considered by many as Australia's Last Great Camel Expedition.

The book Camelman Dreaming is a must read for anyone considering completing an adventure for themselves, whether it be an Australian Camel Expedition Trek, a canoe journey across wild seas or another worthwhile venture.

Buy a copy now

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Camelman Dreaming

Tracks Robyn Davidson and the Vast Wilderness.

Posted by Russell Osborne on November 21, 2013 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (0)

The desire to venture into regions no-one has ever walked before can be totally consuming and a thought that most of us have experienced at least once during our lives.

I found myself often thinking about the book Tracks by Robyn Davidson as I lead the camels over yet another sand dune in the vastness of Australia's interior.

Her adventure was certainly a step ahead of her time but one she felt she just had to do. I now know that feeling!

When a goal is firmly fixed inside of you, there is nothing that will stop you. Sure there are hurdles to overcome and these can either be looked on as immesurable obstacles or as challenges by which need to be sorted in order to learn something that will assist you to achieve the original goal.

Camel trekking allows you the time to think. Think about where you fit into the picture of what it is to be a human on our wonderful planet.

I truely hope you enjoy reading Camelman Dreaming from a position of it being more than a travel blog. It so isn't just a travel blog but more an objective look at our planet and our lives coming from a place whereby it is highly likely, no-one will ever see again.

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Camelman Dreaming

Posted by Russell Osborne on April 23, 2013 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (0)

On the 22/4/13 Camelman Dreaming was launched at the Collins Bookstore in Bairnsdale with a presentation on the book.

The gathering of interested people listened to Author Russell Osborne as he presented the concept of the book and told stories of the thirteen years to prepare for the camel expedition and the two years it took him and his then partner, Ros Consoli, to walk the 6500kms of the journey.

Along the way they met people from all walks of life, were assisted by Bush Aboriginal people as the camel train crossed overland, endured freezing temperatures along with blistering, oven like conditions.

Story after story was told as the presentation was coming to a close.

During the presentation, Russel asked everyone some very topical questions which had certainly made all in the audience think of where they fit in todays global society.

The evening came to a close after much discussion on global issues and how we all can opt for a better world if we all choose to.

There was no doubt, the presentation made everyone there think!

Russell has had quite a history of creating the right atmosphere to allow for free thinking and questioning on the very meaning of life and the real reasons for our existance. Having been a teacher and lecturer in numerous locations throughout the world, developed a language school for the poor, lived with traditional Aboriginal people from a wide variety of regions in Australia and associated with peoples from all over the world, Russell's views on world issues have become soundly based owing to his wide experience and open mindedness, an attribute he contributes to his success of having developed strong relationships with people's from many different cultural backgrounds.

The Camelman Dreaming Presentations are unique in every sense of the word. 

Russell Osborne - Transcontinental Camel Expeditioner.


Camelman Dreaming is the true story of a dream that took fifteen years in total to complete. The Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009 resulted in over $30,000 raised for the Children First Foundation along with national and world wide awareness of the Foundations goals of saving and changing children?s lives in need of specialist medical procedures. 

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Camelman Dreaming 

Australia's Last Great Camel Expedition, 

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