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Camel Trekking Flinders Ranges Australia
Traditional Camel Trekking Experience

Outback Australian Camel Safaris and Camel Expedition Training in Outback Flinders Ranges, South Australia where you can experience this largely unknown region to tourism.

Our camel trekking safaris journey through this outback desert environment of South Australia and is one to tick off the Bucket List!

The camels will warm your hearts and you'll be left with an unforgettable inspirational adventure in the Outback!

Our Camel Safari tours and Treks allows you to see these unique animals in action, the way they have been used in the past in the history of Australia's outback.

Adventure Author,Camel Man, Explorer and transcontinental camel expeditioner, Russell Osborne began Outback Safaris, Camel Treks, Tours and Expeditions to allow groups and individuals the opportunity to connect with camels, the environment and themselves with a unique program of trekking with expedition camels.

Russell is passionate about camel trekking in Australia and is assisting many to achieve their own dreams through his Inspirational Motivational Speaker Program as well as his Australian Camel Expedition Trekking Training Program.

His Book, Camelman Dreaming, is much more than a journal about Australian Camel Expedition Trekking in Australia. It more than a book, (non fiction) about camel trekking in Australia. It's also a collection of thought provoking views about the state of the world today and what we can do collectively and as individuals to assist the planet for a brighter future. 

His goal is to share the wonders of camel trekking in Australia with Outback Australian Camels and to assist others to have the opportunity to partake in this amazing past-time.

Come on an camel trek with Outback Australian Camels and discover the magic of trekking with camels in Australia.

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Camelman Dreaming

Camelman Dreaming Camel Treks Flinders Rangers Australia
Camel Trekking Flinders Ranges with Outback Australian Camels, Beltana Station, Flinders Ranges
Camelman Dreaming is the true story of a dream that took fifteen years in total to complete. The Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009 resulted in over $30,000 raised for the Children First Foundation along with national and world wide awareness of the Foundations goals of saving and changing children’s lives in need of specialist medical procedures. 

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Camelman Dreaming 

Australia's Last Great Camel Expedition, 

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