Inspirational Motivational Speaker Russell Osborne

Camel Tracks Expeditioner Russell Osborne in the desert with his camels.

Inspirational Motivational Speaker Russell Osborne has taken many on a journey to overcome fear. He believes that fear is the greatest brake on achievement and keeps many on a pathway to NOT EVER fulfilling the true potential that exists within us all.

Having overcome his own fears of a life living in some of the most inhospitable desert locations on the planet, the lessons learnt along his journey that have changed his life are described in the book "Camelman Dreaming". Lessons for all who are willing to step out of their own comfort zone and face the world head on.

Now a dedicated Inspirational Motivational Speaker, Russell shares his lifetime of achievements that have taken him away from the life in mainstream to one of extra-ordinary.

Inspirational Motivational Speaker Russell Osborne
Camelman Dreaming is the true story of a dream that took fifteen years in total to complete. The Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009 resulted in over $30,000 raised for the Children First Foundation along with national and world wide awareness of the Foundations goals of saving and changing children’s lives in need of specialist medical procedures. 

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