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Camelman Russell Osborne. Dedicated Explorer, Motivational and Inspiraational Public Speaker.

"It's an inspiring story. To have gone through what you (and Ros) did took a lot of determination, perseverance and the occasional 'guardian angels' that you described so well in the book."

(Bobby, Hong Kong)

Australian Camelman, Adventurer and Explorer, Russell Osborne with Jack the Camel. Camelman Dreaming, Australia's Last Great Camel Expedition
"Camelman Dreaming is Russell Osborne’s diary of his years spent trekking across Australia with his partner Ros and their herd of camels. This awareness and fundraising journey for the Children First Foundation was also a journey of self-discovery, and the personal style of the writing puts you right there in the desert with Russell. Equal parts adventure story, ode to the beauty of the Outback, and social and environmental commentary, Camelman Dreaming documents the adversity, wonder, love, and sheer joy of life (and camels!) found in traversing the continent for a worthy cause. 
Inspirational and highly recommended reading. 

(Professor Tim Loreman, Concordia University College of Alberta, Canada.)

The Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition entering Victoria

I met Russell many years a go when I was filming Phil Gee's camel training camp. Russell was training his first set of camels for trekking, Taggles and Neddy. A few years later I was filming a documentary called "Camel Whispering", about the Phils camp and the people who participate in a new type of training style, camel whispering. This is where I met Russell and Ros, as a couple, and learnt of their mammoth trek from Darwin to Melbourne via the canning stock route. They were training Jack and Coco and it was Ros's first time handling a wild camel. My how far have they come since those sun filled days in the South Australia outback. 

I always believed Russell and Ros would do it, they were focused. They were taking their time and going about it the best way they could. They spent time working in the environment in which they would trek so there wouldn't be too many surprises, they didn't rush, their preparation was parmount. 

I was always confident they would do it.

I had my own imaginings of what it would be like to trek across Australia by camel, i  must admit it is a desire i too hold deep inside me, but in the book 'Camel man Dreaming", one gets a day to day account of the 'reality of life' lived by two people trekking across Australia, with eight trekking camels. 

I found it useful in knowing what to do, what not to do, and what to expect. I was very interested in the stories of the unpredictability of the weather and the affect it had on their plans. Having done my own 'Camel Odyssey' from the Himalayas in Ladakh to the Pushkar fair, in India, with Bactrian (two hump) camels, I totally could understand their struggle with 'time' and with 'tourists'. Sometimes a blessing or a curse. 

I was amazed to read how many people they met along the way and how some of those people had connections with people at their final destination. It tells us that we are all connected and that Australia, no matter how big it is geographically, is still a small world. It is important how we treat one another, especially while we are traveling. Russell and Ros received wonderful examples, time and time again, of true Australian hospitality and it is good to know that it is still alive in this country. I was happy to hear of stories of indigenous people being egar to reconnect with camels and that at least one 'Pastoralist' was using camels beneficially on their property. There is hope yet!

I have many camel books and camel treking books in my collection and this one stands firm among them. Thank you Russell and Ros for doing such an amazing trip, living a dream, inspiring people that there are many ways to live in this big country. And thank you Russell for taking the time to put your experiences from pen to paper, paper to computer, computer to book.

Kamahl Druesne
Director / Producer / Film Maker

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Camelman Dreaming


Camel Tracks Explorer Adventurer Russell Osborne

(Book, non-fiction)

The true adventure story of

Australia's Last Great Camel Expedition.

13 years to plan and 2 years to walk across Australia with a herd of camels to say "thank you" to the 'Children First Foundation' charity.

Written By: Adventurer, Explorer and Motivational Speaker, Russell Osborne

Camelman Dreaming is the true story of a dream that took fifteen years in total to complete. The Darwin to Melbourne Thank You Camel Expedition 2008-2009 resulted in over $30,000 raised for the Children First Foundation along with national and world wide awareness of the Foundations goals of saving and changing children’s lives in need of specialist medical procedures. 

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Camelman Dreaming 

Australia's Last Great Camel Expedition, 

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